Rates of Pay for Bargained Units

Find at the Canadian collective agreement public sector wages.

AI Air Traffic Control

AO Aircraft Operations

AV Audit, Commerce and Purchasing

CS Computer Systems

CX Correctional Services

EB Education and Library Services

EC Economics and Social Science Services

EL Electronics

FB Border Services

FI Financial Management

FS Foreign Service

LA Law

NR Architecture, Engineering and Land Survey

PA Program and Administrative Services

PR(NS) Non-Supervisory Printing Services

RO Radio Operations

SH Health Services

SO Ships' Officers

SP Applied Science and Patent Examination

  • AC Actuarial Science
  • AG Agriculture
  • BI Biological Sciences
  • CH Chemistry
  • FO Forestry
  • MT Meteorology
  • PC Physical Sciences
  • SG SRE Scientific Regulation
  • SG PAT Patent

(SR-C) Ship Repair Chargehands and Production Supervisors - East

(SR-E) Ship Repair (East)

(SR-W) Ship Repair (West)

SV Operational Services

TC Technical Services

TR Translation


Source: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Rates of Pay for the Public Service of Canada


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