October 7th: PIT.Ua launches essay competition on the on the eve of World Day for Decent Work

7 October, on the eve of World Day for Decent Work PIT.Ua - Ukrainian union of information, communication and business technologies professionals is conducting in Ukraine the worldwide popular programme of mentoring by founding the essay contest for young women “DeFiLe On Life”.

By the terms of the contest the girls are offered to write essay about the leadership – how they see their future, how they are planning their social activity, what they are willing to do for their settlement and so on.

The victress will receive a valuable gift which will be presented on Human Rights Day on 10 December 2010. The victress will be determined by on-line election by PIT.Ua portal visitors. One more victress will be elected by PIT.Ua Board.


Open letter to the Prime Minister "About the creation of terms of decent work for the women of ІТ industry"


Dear Mykola Yanovych!

PIT.Ua - Union of Information, Communication and Business Technologies Professionals, pays your attention to the fact that ІТ-industry is one of the most perspective industries all over the world and in Ukraine in particular. The growing role of women in this industry is the mortgage of stable development of industry and social equilibrium of Ukrainian society on the whole.

Economic crisis in aggregate with demographic are those challenges, before which Ukraine stands today, and which modern women feel sharply. One of main reasons of low birth-rate in potentially safe families in which women have higher technical education and work in hi-tech ІТ-industry, there is fear to have children through breaking of labour experience.

The bright features of ІТ are swift development and technologies updating each 2-3 years. A woman who decided to give a birth to a child risks during maternity leave to remain without a profession in connection with the loss of adequacy of the professional skills.

The State and society must help them. PIT.Ua, within the framework of international social project "Decisions For Life" conducted campaign of questioning working women of ІТ-industry with the aim of discovering their basic needs and requirements. We are bringing to your attention the most important of needs and apply to you - to the leader of our government with a request to contribute to their satisfaction:

  • Flexible work hours - possibility to work unperformed hours in suitable time;
  • Convenient work place - modern information technologies allow women to work from home;
  • Renewal and/or raising the level of proficiency during maternity leave - courses of raising the level of qualification, paid by organization/the State;
  • Decent work terms - a comfortable workplace: arm-chair, cosy table, sofa for rest for expectant mothers.

Beforehand thank you for assistance, we are sure that you, highly respecting your civic and professional duty, will give the proper attention to this problem.

Ukrainian Union of Information, Communication and Business Technologies Professionals.

Thousands of 'Young Women' reached through the Decisions for Life campaign

Angola 109 70 0 179
Mozambique 296 36 0 332
South Africa 606 1840 2554 5000
Zambia 83 21 0 104
Zimbabwe 16 637 0 653
Brazil 1199 60 5170 6429
India 94 1015 3500 4609
Indonesia 254 81 1000 1335
NIS Countries
Azerbaijan 408 360 172 940
Belarus 2314 5380 68000 75694
Kazakhstan 1186 0 640 1826
Ukraine 649 68 550 1267
TOTAL 7214 9568 81586 98368