Newsletter-2, August 2009

Brazil: first dialogue with big companies

Brazil DIEESE, has reached over 1,500 young women in the service sector through face to face meetings, via trade union members and the trade union website and magazine. It also reached major multinational companies such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal and Petrobras and will deepen its contacts with these companies. The target is to reach 10,000 young women with the trade union campaigns directly and up to 100,000 online.

Central Asia: campaign plans in final stage

On 15 and 16 June a regional meeting took place with trade union partners from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Trade union partners were linked up with their project partners. Trade unions presented their national campaign plans and the web partners presented the first results of their work: Belarus is taking the lead with almost 2,000 salary surveys completed as well as in the steady increase of women visiting the website. In Augustus, 11,000 people visited found several media partners including More information can be found on on the website.

In this newsletter:

  • Central Asia: campaign plans in final stage
  • Brazil: first dialogue with big companies
  • Indonesia: big plans for International Women’s Day, September 14
  • Indonesia: beginnings of public debate on wages
  • Zimbabwe: campaign plan to include road shows
  • South Africa: focus on sexual harassment for a start
  • Upcoming launches of the websites and trade union campaigns
  • Planned meetings
  • Update yourself

Indonesia: beginnings of public debate on wages

The launch of Indonesia's WageIndicator at July 1 in Jakarta has become an unprecedented success, triggering off thousands of visits to the new site. "We expected four or five journalists," reports Michel Maas, the site’s organizer, from Jakarta. "But suddenly we had a room with thirty journalists, including internet, print and TV-stations." The presence of a few local celebrities might have helped. A successful launch for a national WageIndicator site is very important, since its needs a critical mass of visitors and completed surveys, before it can provide scientifically viable figures on wages and labor conditions in a country. Discussing your salary is still a taboo, writes more than one Indonesian weblog, perhaps explaining the spike in interest for the WageIndicator in Indonesia.

Indonesia: big plans for International Women’s Day, September 14

KSBSI in Indonesia will organize a major march on International Women’s Day 14 September and have already organiszd 162 workers, mainly women workers working in companies such as Hay Group, Telkomsel and Indosat. They found the most effective ways to reach these women were through telephone campaigns and face to face conversations. You may sample their campaign materials at

Newsletter 2 – August 2009 – Decisions for Life

Planned meetings

  • September 7: Meeting with representatives of Global Unions about Decisions for Life: ITUC, IUF, PSI, UNI, ITF
  • September 10: Management Board of decisions for Life project
  • September 18, 19, 20: Training web journalist Southern Africa
  • October 22, 23: International meeting campaign coordinators and web journalist
  • November 21, 22, 23, 24: Regional Meeting Brazil and Southern Africa in Johannesburg
  • December: Regional meeting CIS countries, date not yet set
  • January 2010: Regional meeting India and Indonesia, Bangalore, date not yet set

South Africa: focus on sexual harassment for a start

In South Africa COSATU is aiming to reach 10,000 young women. They will print postcards and fleece scarves. They will organise mass text messaging events, set up a Facebook campaign and interviews on local radio stations. Key themes are sexual harassment at work and parental rights. They will launch their campaign in Johannesburg City Hall on August 29 together with hundreds of women. They will install a "wall for creative ideas", integrate cultural activities, invite a host of celebrities and much, much more! Check for more information.

Upcoming launches of the websites and trade union campaigns

  • 29 August: South Africa launch trade union campaign
  • 17 September: official launch of all and websites in Southern Africa
  • 5 October: SBSI Indonesia, launches Trade Union campaign
  • 7 October; World Day for Decent Work -  Zimbabwe, India, Brazil - Trade Union Campaign
  • 16 October: Zambia launch Trade Union campaign
  • 19 October: Launch of the report on Decent Work for Women
  • 19-21 October: ITUC Women’s Conference: presentation of all websites, campaign material, special applications like: DecentworkCheck, PartnerCheck and Salary Check. Check for more information.

Zimbabwe: campaign plan to include road shows

In Zimbabwe the Congress of Trade Unions immediately started preparations for the campaign after the kick off meeting in Cape Town from 17 to 19 March 2009, set up its interdepartmental Decisions for Life Campaign Coordinating Technical Committee, met with the ZCTU Women’s Committee for political support and made up a campaign plan to reach young women through among others: road shows, youth forums, exhibitions, public address, radio and TV shows and the distribution of promotional material. See for more information.

Thousands of 'Young Women' reached through the Decisions for Life campaign

Angola 109 70 0 179
Mozambique 296 36 0 332
South Africa 606 1840 2554 5000
Zambia 83 21 0 104
Zimbabwe 16 637 0 653
Brazil 1199 60 5170 6429
India 94 1015 3500 4609
Indonesia 254 81 1000 1335
NIS Countries
Azerbaijan 408 360 172 940
Belarus 2314 5380 68000 75694
Kazakhstan 1186 0 640 1826
Ukraine 649 68 550 1267
TOTAL 7214 9568 81586 98368