TRAVEL GUIDELINES - June 15,16 - 2009 - Brussels

1. Air tickets should be on APEX basis, economy class. The ITUC/PERC can provide pre-paid tickets upon request. In case the invited organisation wishes to purchase the ticket itself, the ticket price should be communicated to prior to buying the ticket. Reimbursement can only be made up to the amount which the ITUC/PERC would need to pay for the ticket if purchased in Brussels and for an itinerary from and to the city where the organisation is headquartered. Assisted organisations should remit a copy of the ticket, the boarding cards as well as the original invoice (if  ticket  purchased locally, to our Finance Department.

2. Taxi bills are not reimbursed.

3. Train, bus and other public transport tickets are accepted.

4. Car travel: Representatives from organisations headquartered in the same city should endeavour to travel together. Expenses for drivers cannot be reimbursed.
5. Costs for visas and airport tax are reimbursed.

6. Accommodation:  The ITUC/PERC makes block bookings for delegations at a special rate. Delegates wishing to stay in another hotel are requested make their own bookings. The maximum amount for reimbursement is the  ITUC/PERC special rate.
7. Visa:  the ITUC/PERC can only issue invitations for visas connected to actual events. This is due to the obligation to take out an insurance for people travelling with a visa obtained thanks to a commitment from the ITUC/PERC. Requests for visa invitations should be sent well in advance of the meeting, bearing in mind that it takes minimum 14 days to obtain a Schengen visa. Organisations who registered too late to obtain a visa cannot be reimbursed any costs.


Thousands of 'Young Women' reached through the Decisions for Life campaign

Angola 109 70 0 179
Mozambique 296 36 0 332
South Africa 606 1840 2554 5000
Zambia 83 21 0 104
Zimbabwe 16 637 0 653
Brazil 1199 60 5170 6429
India 94 1015 3500 4609
Indonesia 254 81 1000 1335
NIS Countries
Azerbaijan 408 360 172 940
Belarus 2314 5380 68000 75694
Kazakhstan 1186 0 640 1826
Ukraine 649 68 550 1267
TOTAL 7214 9568 81586 98368