Amsterdam - 2011-5-10 - 4:30 PM - DFL part of ITUC global campaigns

The Decisions for Life campaign, which is currently holding its first International Young Women’s Conference in Amsterdam, is one of a number of global campaigns run by ITUC, explained Kristin Blom, Campaigns officer for ITUC. DFL is a joint initiative between ITUC, Wage Indicator and the University of Amsterdam/AIAS and Global Union Uni. To date it has reached over 90 000 young women worldwide.

Kristin outlined some of the other ITUC projects on the go, saying that there was space to share experiences and look at possible support systems amongst all the projects, including DFL.

Play Fair

A campaign that makes sure that big sports events are fair for workers making sporting goods and building venues, as well as fair for sportspeople. Major sports events runs by the IOC and FIFA are a focus, as well as UEFA and the Commonwealth games.

Youth Campaign

A campaign that aims to provide tools for organising campaigns, with a special focus on youth becoming unionised. Part of the project is providing information, cartoons and materials for use on blogs, in projects etc.

World Day for Decent Work

World Day for Decent Work takes place annually on October 7. It is a day for global mobilisation, when all trade unions stand up for decent work. Activities range from demonstrations to discussions to even strikes.

Thousands of 'Young Women' reached through the Decisions for Life campaign

Angola 109 70 0 179
Mozambique 296 36 0 332
South Africa 606 1840 2554 5000
Zambia 83 21 0 104
Zimbabwe 16 637 0 653
Brazil 1199 60 5170 6429
India 94 1015 3500 4609
Indonesia 254 81 1000 1335
NIS Countries
Azerbaijan 408 360 172 940
Belarus 2314 5380 68000 75694
Kazakhstan 1186 0 640 1826
Ukraine 649 68 550 1267
TOTAL 7214 9568 81586 98368