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8th March: AHIK's plans on large-scale celebration of International womens day were fulfilled

AHIK's plans on large-scale celebration of the 8th of March were fully fulfilled.

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There gathered about 360 women in the theater (some of them already were involved in DFL activities; others were new). They held express-interviews with the women on their comments and expectations from the project, event, 8th of March etc. (The rendering of some of them into English is attached at the end.)

As was planned, high profile guests - successful women from governmental and non-governmental structures attended the event (incl. Deputy Head on State Committee for Maternity and childhood protection). The invitees received exhaustive information on the project and its aims, the TU work in gender-related issues, women's rights and tools to protect them.

This was followed by performance of Cherry Orchard play (by Anton Chekhov).

On the eve of International Women's Day DFL activities got a wide coverage in mass media and has drawn lots of attention to young females problems not only in TU community but in a wider audience.

The interview about current challenges of young women in the service sector, ITUC/UNI and DFL activities and its paramount importance for women who work 16-18 hours per day and are not aware of their rights. This link will take you to the full version in Russian:

Also the coverage of the 8th of March events has been fed to news agencies and and the footage appeared in the news programme at Az.Tv.

To read more in Russian go to:



Djamilya Bagirova, office manager, Aztrank

 - I am expecting, I've heard that DFL has something to do with pregnant women and planned to pop into for a couple of minutes of pure interest. However, information I got was very important, I stayed till the end. It was for the first time I was told about my labour and social rights. Being pregnant, I learnt some important details on my future social benefits. Now I feel that I'm able to demand my social guarantees. Also after the 1st DFL seminar, I joined TU. I'm sure it will help to protect me if something goes wrong.  

 Aida Manafiva, TU of medical workers

- I'm glad that we celebrate 8th of March in Azerbaijan. I think it is a sign of respect to women. After such “educational” events we feel that we are fully-fledged members of the society and understand how important is to value ourselves and not to be humble and beg things.  

 Nigyar Gasymova, front-office woman in “Bank of Baku”

 - DFL aims and ideas are clear and useful. They definitely help to boost our self-esteem. However, it is not a remedy in itself. How and whether we are going to use this in our life depends on our decisiveness and eagerness.   

 Ainur Sultanova, manager in Le Meridien hotel

 - I would like to highlight the career path problems. Taking into account the culture and mentality of women in Azerbaijan, we are only seen as housewives, whose primary responsibility is to bring up children. That is why when there appears a question on promotion for women at work and career growth opportunities, the answer is usually “Listen, go home, calm down and take care of your family and children”. And our career aspirations are not considered serious or are prejudiced against.  I think the project should devote more time to that.

 Randa Idrisova, an employee in Biomed clinic

 - I cannot say much yet. But thanks to the project I had a chance to meet a famous woman, the floral artist Sugra Bagirzade. For me she is also a role model, especially when you are young and may choose your future path. 

Baku :

The Photos from the presentation of the "Decisions for life" project meeting.

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