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December 1, 2009: Decisions for Life Project activities pick pace in Brazil

The Decisions for Life Project has been presented to trade unions and workers in many activities since March. The official launch of the campaign happened on October 2, during a seminar organized by DIEESE (Inter Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies), ILO (International Labor Organization) and Inspir (Inter-American Union Institute for Race Equality).
Almost 70 people were present during the release.

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Dec 5, 11 2009: DIEESE made Decisions for Life Project public in two big events.

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  • December, 5 - CGTB  -  II National Meeting of Women Workers
  • December, 11 - CNTM -  Força Sindical - I National Conference of Women Workers at Metallurgical Enterprises: syndical organization for life and Decent Work

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July 2009: Meeting with DIEESE and key women trade unionists

(National Centers and UNI affiliates) discuss the preparation of the trade union campaign launch and workplan for the Decisions for Life project.

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Trade Union Campaigns :

Young women issues in collective agreements

The Brazilian confederations, CGTB, CTB, CUT, Força Sindical, NCST and UGT,  have put the reconciliation of personal and working very high on the trade union agendas. This has been translated into collective bargaining issues, such as parental leave for fathers and mothers, six months paid maternity leave and child care provisions. Additional issues which have been addressed and put in the negotiating agendas are: better salaries, training for women about safety at the workplace and extra lunch time for women in call centers. In addition, the campaign team aims to increase women participation in the collective bargaining table by training trade union women as negotiators for gender clauses. By the end of the campaign they expect to have negotiated 50 new collective agreements with gender sensitive clauses.  

Thousands of 'Young Women' reached through the Decisions for Life campaign

Angola 109 70 0 179
Mozambique 296 36 0 332
South Africa 606 1840 2554 5000
Zambia 83 21 0 104
Zimbabwe 16 637 0 653
Brazil 1199 60 5170 6429
India 94 1015 3500 4609
Indonesia 254 81 1000 1335
NIS Countries
Azerbaijan 408 360 172 940
Belarus 2314 5380 68000 75694
Kazakhstan 1186 0 640 1826
Ukraine 649 68 550 1267
TOTAL 7214 9568 81586 98368