Looking for job through employment agency

Employment agency or recruitment agency can be of great help while looking for jobs in Cambodia. Search for new job and enrol yourself with good recruitment agency

Working with applicants and employers
An employment office works with employers and applicants or job seekers, trying to match the individual's job skills with an employer's requirements for a specific job position. In many cases, employment agencies actually act as outsourced Human Resources departments places a qualified employee with an employer. More over, an employment office purpose is to effectively and efficiently provide quality Employment and Labour market information service to job seekers and employers.  

Recruitment Applicants process

Job-hunting can be a tedious and time-consuming task for someone seeking a new employment opportunity. The greatest challenge is where to look for new job opportunities. Filling available positions can be an equal challenge to an employer. Again, the question is where to begin looking for qualified and reliable employees. An employment agency does the initial footwork for recruiting, bringing potential candidates and employers together, saving time for everyone. Employment agencies conduct those first interviews and background checks, eliminating any candidates who do not qualify for current vacancies, which must be filled. During this screening process, an employment agency also helps job seekers to determine what kind of job might best match their abilities and experience, offering opportunities for both temporary and long-term employment, ranging from entry-level to middle-management positions. An employment agency may be thought of as combining career counseling with placement services.