Children at work

What is Child Labour and what do the labour laws say about it in Cambodia? Find out information on child slavery, effects of child labour and facts, child labour laws etc.

What is the allowable age for wage employment?

The allowable age for wage employment is set at 15 year. However, children from 12 to 15 years of age can be hired to do light work provided that the work will not affect their regular school attendance, their participation in guidance programs or vocational training.

Where can I go to report on child labor?

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training is the agency responsible for labor inspections and compliances. You can also contact a trade union or human rights organization(such as the Community Legal Education Center, CLEC) to seek assistance.

Tips on how to improve situation of working children

One of the main drivers of child labor is poverty. When households cannot make ends meet, they are forced to take their children out of school and send them to work. Combating poverty, especially through increasing business and employment opportunities, and promoting decent wages are central to help stop child labor.