Fair Treatment at My Work

Do you feel that your company has fair treatment policy towards employees? Know more about laws related to fair treatment policy at workplace in Cambodia at Prake.org

What is fair treatment according the law?


The Labor Law states that all workers are equal and shall not be discriminated on the basis of sex, race and religion etc. Furthermore, it states that workers should have equal pay for work of equal value, but should especially be enforced with an eye to race, gender and disability. Wage differences on the basis of origin, sex, or age of an employee are prohibited.



What is said in collective agreements about fair treatment?


Collective bargaining agreements specify that employers and/or managers shall not discriminate and use bad words or behavior to employees. An employee has the right to complain if their employer makes any mistake.



Tips and good examples how to deal with discrimination


If you believe that your employer or manager is mistreating you or discriminating against you, you can file a written complaint to a trade union within 5 days after the problem occurs. The trade union is then expected to investigate the case within 7 days from receiving the complaint to determine if the situation was a case of discrimination or mistreatment. If the investigate finds that the employee was indeed treated wrongly, the trade union can try to resolve the problem with the employer. If the employer does not modify the behavior, the trade union has the right to take the issue to the Arbitration Council.