Sexual Harassment in Cambodia

Are you protected from sexual harassment at the workplace? Want to know what the companies should do? Get on information on sexual harassment here.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature that takes place in the workplace. This is any kind of sexual behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, including:


  • Touching.
  • Unwelcome sexual jokes.
  • Unwanted questions about your sex life.
  • Whistling.
  • Rude gestures.
  • Requests for sex.
  • Staring at your body in an offensive way.



What does the law say about sexual harassment?

The Labor Law strictly forbids all forms of sexual harassment at the workforce. However, it does not define sexual harassment nor set a penalty for offenders.


What is said in collective agreements about sexual harassment?

Collective agreements outline the same policy as that set in the law, which forbids all forms of sexual harassment at the workplace. It does specify that employers must solve the complaints related to sexual harassment carefully and conscientiously.

Tips on preventing and dealing with sexual harassment           

Preventing and dealing with sexual harassment requires collaboration from both employers and employees. 

  1. On the side of employers,they should provide training at least once per year about what sexual harassment is, explain to employees their right to a workplace free of sexual harassment, reviewtheir complaint procedure. A no sexual harassment policy needs to bewritten, displayed and implemented by employers.
  2. On the side of employees, they should report all cases of sexual harassment to their employers, trade unions or human rights organization. The problem cannot be solved if it is not known.