Social Security Overview

What does the law say about Social Security Overview on Find out the labour laws in Cambodia including social security pension, social security payout, social security survivor benefits

What happens when you get too old to work? Are you worried about getting laid-off from work? In Cambodia, there are some social security regulations to help you. Learn about them here.

Pension rights

Workers who are 55 years of age are entitled to old age pension if:

1) registered in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) for at least 20 years, and

2) pay in contribution at least for 60 months for Social Security Schemes during the period of 10 years.

Workers who are 55 years of age but have not satisfied the above conditions of old age pension are entitled in an old age allowance, paid as a lump-sum. Under certain conditions the spouse or the children of the deceased can claim a benefit from the pension.

Unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits do not exist in Cambodia yet. However, workers with a fixed duration contract are entitled to severance payment (5% of total wages paid to the employee during the length of the contract) and workers with an undetermined duration contracts are eligible for lay-off compensation (at least 7 days of wages and benefits).

Medical care

In the event of occupational accidents, the worker is entitled to medical care services such as medical treatment, pharmaceutical products and transport to a medical treatment centre.


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