PT. Lispap Raya Sentosa Improvement

Factory Improvement January 2019 – March 2019

As of January 2019, PT. Lispap Raya Sentosa, Tangerang, has achieved several improvements, such as;
- Temporary Workers with contract (PKWT) in the company are only status-based, but the fulfillment of their normative rights has been agreed by the Trade Unions and Employers. (Agreement Letter No.002/HRD/I/2019)
- Discussion on workers’ Working Hours has reached the negotiation stage
- A follow-up meeting on Working Hours (specifically the Worker's Night Shift) will be held on June 2019
- There are still gender-based wage differences, but negotiations on ‘equal work equal pay’ have begun to be discussed on the bipartite agenda between Trade Unions and Employers in 2019
- Bipartite Meetings/Negotiations between Trade Unions and Employers will always be held periodically, min. 1 time every quarter of the year