PT. Saedong Indonesia Improvement

Factory Improvement September 2018 - December 2018

As of November 2018, the achievement of a joint agreement between the Employers of PT. Saedong Indonesia and the Trade Union are as follows:

  • Employer will have all contract workers (PKWT status) at PT. Saedong to be promoted as permanent worker (PKWTT status), since July 2018.
  • Workers' wages are in accordance with Provincial Minimum Wage
  • In-house clinics and nursery rooms are available in accordance with the applicable conditions in the regulation, since March 2018.
  • All Workers have been included in the Social Security Program
  • Pregnancy / maternal leave has been carried out in accordance with the regulation, since July 2017.
  • Entering the negotiation process for CBA in November 2018.
  • Will do further discussion on pay scale and Minimum Sectoral Wages (UMSK)
  • Employer will provide dispensation for trade union officials to carry out organizational activities. The Collective Bargaining Agreement has not yet been made but employers already had a discourse towards the formation of the CBA negotiating team