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Social Security

The BPJS Manpower fully functions since the 1st of July 2015. Are you a member of BPJS Manpower? Do you get social protection from BPJS Manpower?

9/13 Social Security in Garment

Regulations on BPJS Manpower for Garment Workers

What is BPJS Manpower?

BPJS Manpower is a legal institution responsible directly to the President. The trade union is an institution formed by the worker, from the worker and for the worker, whose main goal is to fight for the welfare of it’s members and their families. A trade union can be within the company, or outside the company.

Who can become member of BPJS Manpower?

Everybody can become a member of BPJS Manpower. But for companies who employed more than 10 workers, membership of BPJS is a must. Meaning, every worker of a company who employ more than 10 workers must become member of BPJS.

Since when does it fully function?

The BPJS Manpower fully functions since the 1st of July 2015. Since that day, BPJS Manpower has taken over all sevices once given by the Jamsostek (for Old Age Insurance, life insurance and working accident insurance), Asabri and Taspen (pension benefit).

How can a garment worker become a member of BPJS?

According to the law, membership of BPJS is a must. It means all workers, including garment workers must be a member of BPJS. All companies must register their workers to BPJS. If a company failes to fulfill this obligation it can be given a sanction.

Does a garment worker who is already a member of Jamsostek need to register?

Because BPJS is a replacement of Jamsostek, there is no need for a worker who already a member of Jamsostek to repeat their registration in BPJS, because the membership transformation will be done automatically. BPJS will replace the old membership card gradually without deducting its previously accrued benefits.

If a garment worker moves to another company or if the company relocates its factory location, what about the worker’s membership in BPJS?

Membership of BPJS can only be applied once for every member. It means that if the worker moves to another company or changes working place, their membership will continue automatically to the new place, if the new working place registers the workers. If the company does not register the worker, the worker will still be a member of BPJS, but as an inactive member since payment of the membership fee has not (yet) taken place..

What kind of service does BPJS Manpower provide?

The services provided by BPJS Manpower include Old Age benefit, Pension benefit, Working Accident insurance benefit and Life Insurance benefit.

What is Old Age Security?

Old Age Security according to the Government Regulation (PP No. 46/2015) about the Application of Old Age Security, is a benefit that will be paid one time in cash when the member reaches pension age, dies, or suffers a permanent disability.

What is Pension security?

"Pension security according to the Government Regulation (PP No. 45/2015) about the Application of Pension Benefit is a social insurance given to maintain a worker’s social status by giving them or their inheretee regular income after they reach pension age, die or or suffer a permanent disability. The difference between this benefit and old age benefit is that Pension benefit will be given regularly while old age benefit will be given one time.

This is a new program that fully functions since the 1st of July 2015, not like the other programs that are a continuation of the Jamsostek programs."

What is Occupational accident security?

According to Government Regulation (PP No. 44/2015), Occupational accident security is a benefit in cash and/or medical treatment given to the worker if they experience a working accident or suffer an illness caused by working conditions.

What kind of benefits are included in the Occupational accident security?

"This program gives compensation and rehabilitation to workers who experienced a working accident, starting from the time they leave home for work until they return to their home, or if they suffered an illness caused by work

The benefit includes:

  1. Medical Treatment (treatment and medication) from basic and follow-up examination, first level and advance treatment, intensive care (HCU, ICCU, ICU), up to special treatment, medical equipment and implantation, medical rehabilitation, etc;
  2. Benefit in cash, including:
  3. a) Transportation refund for the injured participant from accident location to the hospital/the participant’s house, including all medical cost for accidental first aid
  4. b) Grant for temporary incapability to work (STMB)
  5. c) Disability compensation
  6. d) Death and funeral compensation
  7. Return to Work Program in form of assistance for the participant who is injured and has the potential of disability, starting from the hospital until the participant is able to return to work.
  8. Promotion and Prevention Activity, to create health and safety at work, to reduce working accident and working illness.
  9. Rehabilitation in form of supporting equipment (orthese) and/or replacement equipment (prothese) to participants who lost body parts or lost a bodily function due to a working accident.
  10. Children’s scholarship for every participant who dies or suffers permanent disability due to a working accident: the amount being IDR 12.000.000 for each participant."


What is death security?

Death security according to Government Regulation (PP No. 44/2015) is a benefit in cash given to the heir if the worker die other than working accident.

What can the employee do if their company did not register to the BPJS?

"If a company did not register its worker to BPJS, then the worker can:

  1. Report the situation to the labor inspector, at the Provincial manpower office.
  2. Report the situation directly to the local BPJS office."