Training and Salary

What type of training arrangement do organisations/ employees require to improve their performance at work?

Generally, the types of training required by organisations/employees include the following;

  • In-Service training
  • Academic/professional training
  • Competency-based training
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Induction/Orientation
  • Study leave with pay
  • Study leave without pay

Under what conditions do organisations execute training for staff development?

In Ghana, organisations’ provision for the training of their staff normally takes the following form:

  • Employer sponsored training courses
  • Non-employer sponsored courses

What is an employer-sponsored training course?

Employer-sponsored training courses are those that have been planned, designed and executed by the organisation. All costs associated with the training are fully borne by the employer. Employees who are chosen to participate in these training programmes receive their salaries whilst on the training.

Employees, depending on the type of training, may be given time off their schedules to participate in the training and are paid for the period of absence.

Organisations also pay for tuition, textbooks, examination, transport, accommodation and out of pocket expenses that may be associated with programmes approved by the organisation.

Do employees engaged in conferences/seminars/professional meetings receive their salary for the period of absence?

Most organisations pay the salaries of staff who are engaged in conferences, meetings and seminars that have been given prior approval by the organisation.

Are staff on study leave paid their salary?

Staff on study leave with pay are paid their salaries whilst undertaking their training. Those on study leave without pay are not considered for salary whist pursuing their training.

Are employees who fail to successfully complete a course sponsored by the organisation requested to refund the cost of tuition and salaries received during the period of their absence from work due to the training?

Unsuccessful employees are sometimes requested to refund the full or part of the tuition cost incurred by the organisation on the training course. However, the salary paid over the period of training is not demanded.

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