Finding a Job

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How do I go about finding a job?

You need to register with the Public Employment Centres (PECs) that have been established throughout the country.

You can also register with a certified Private Employment Agency (PEA) to be linked up to a job.

You can apply directly to workplaces requesting to be placed in an available vacant position that matches your qualification.

You can also respond to the various adverts in newspapers and on the internet, among others.

What is the role of the Public Employment Centres when job searching?

The PECs assist unemployed and employed persons to find suitable employment. The PECs also assist employers find suitable workers from among such persons who have registered with the centre.

How and where do I get information about job vacancies?

On application and request, the PECs provide information on the status of the labour market and job prospects within the labour market. Private employment agencies also offer information about the labour market.

What other sources provide information about jobs?

Prospective job avenues are channelled through the electronic and print media. The internet is also a useful source of information about jobs. Official journals and in-house magazines also serve as mediums for job adverts. The Public Service Commission also assists in the facilitation and placements of jobs within the public service of Ghana.

What are the fees charged by the various agencies for job placement by prospective job seekers?

The services of the PECs are free. The Public Service Commission charges no fee

The private employment agencies fees are determined by each particular agency, but the agency is required to refund fifty percent of the fees paid by the client, if the agency is unable to secure a job placement for the client after three months.

What do prospective employers require from prospective applicants for placements?

  • A reliable curriculum vitae (CV).
  • A cover letter of application
  • Letters of reference
  • Availability for the selection process if the application is short-listed.

What should job seekers require to secure relevant information about the job?

  • A realistic profile of the job being sought after.
  • The nature and history of the company.
  • Any other information that may be relevant to ensure job satisfaction.
  • Pay attached to the job.
  • Job career prospects.

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