Trade Unions

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What is a trade union?

Under the Labour Act 651, a trade union means any association of workers, the principal purposes of which are to promote and protect their economic and social interests.

What are the rights of a trade union?

The trade union has the right to: 

  • Draw up its constitution and rules, elect its officers and representatives
  • Organise its administration and activities and formulate its own programmes
  • Affiliate to and participate in the activities of international workers’ organisations

What are the procedures for registering a trade union?

A trade union shall apply in writing to the Chief Labour Officer to be registered. The application for registration shall include the constitution, rules, names of officers and office address of the trade union. When the Chief Labour Officer is satisfied, he or she shall issue a certificate to the trade union.

What should be included in the rules of a trade union?

The rules or constitution of a trade union shall include provisions in respect of the following matters:

  • The name of the organisation
  • The registered office to which correspondence notice may be addressed
  • The principal object of the trade union
  • The qualifications for membership
  • The grounds on which an officer or a member may be suspended or dismissed from office or membership
  • The procedure for suspension or dismissal of an officer or a member
  • The membership fees and other subscription payable
  • The manner of dissolution of the trade union and disposal of its assets
  • The manner of altering, amending or revoking its constitution or rules
  • The power, function and duties of officers of the trade union.

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