Salary Borut Pahor

President - Slovenia
Born: 1963 Slovenia
  • Annual: GH₵702,509.00
  • Monthly: GH₵58,542.42
  • Weekly: GH₵13,509.79
  • Daily: GH₵2,701.96
Borut Pahor
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Borut Pahor is a Slovenian politician serving as President of Slovenia since December 2012. Previously, he served as Prime Minister from November 2008 to February 2012.

Wikipedia page about Borut Pahor Oct 2019: Predsednik republike Borut Pahor mesečno prejema 5974 evrov bruto, predsednik vlade Marjan Šarec 5653 evrov bruto, poslanci pa brez malice in prevoza okoli 4500 evrov bruto.


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