How to Find a Job

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How to Find a Job

Do employers have a part in prospective employees looking for a job?

No. Searching for a job is an individual effort by prospective employees. However, there are many ways through which prospective employers can place their vacancies for prospective employees including:

  • The media: Most newspapers feature job advertisements. A prospective employer can place job requirements for a job seeker to see what fits him/her and apply as per the given instructions.
  • Websites and blogs: One can register or sign up with websites and blogs that show job adverts.
  • Company websites: Most companies post their vacancies on their websites. A job seeker can visit the websites of companies that are appropriate to their profession.
  • Networking: Job seekers and employers can connect with friends, colleagues and family members to find out about prospective jobs and/or employees.
  •  Recruitment agencies: Normally a prospective employer works with recruitment agencies to get the CVs of prospective employees together with their contacts (mostly addresses, emails and phone numbers).
  • The Government: The Public Service Commission advertises in newspapers mostly.

As a prospective employer what do I require from prospective applicants?

  • Cover letter for applying for the job
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Reference letters or current contacts (including address, phone and email)
  • Availabiity for an interview

In more detail, what are the requirements:

To provide a cover letter matching qualifications to the job description. Normally it should have the subject of the position advertised as the subject of the letter, to make it formal.

To provide a CV, preferably in chronological order, including abilities, skills and experiences especially those relevant to the advertised position. The CV and cover letter should emphasise those skills that match those specified in the job advertisement.

To provide all supporting documents such as academic certificates, referees letters, professional documents and any other relevant content. They can be sent either by email (soft copies) or mail (hardcopies). 

The documents for application should be sent using the mode specified in the advert (e.g. email, through the web or mail). Short listing is done after this point.

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