How to Write a Cover Letter

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Is a cover letter different from an application letter?

No. A cover letter is the same as an application letter. They have the same function, that of introducing you to a potential employer. Normally this is the first point that you get introduced to the potential employer. Hence a cover letter should show the best of you! Make sure that you put emphasis on the skills, experience and qualifications that make you the most suitable candidate for the advertised job.

Is it a must for an employer to request both a cover letter and a CV when advertising?

Yes. Usually a cover letter is included as a formal introduction providing information that expresses the applicant’s skills, experience and knowledge that they have regarding the job. A cover letter is normally a “gateway” to encourage the potential employer to read the full CV for more details about an applicant.

Though some adverts do not request a cover letter, it is always expected when a job advert is made. It is always included as a good practise. Cover letters are normally very comprehensive, emphasising the applicant’s skills, strengths and experience in order to attract potential employers.

Can an employer expect cover letters and CVs without putting out a job advert?

Yes. Though a cover letter and CV should be received in connection with an advert, some applicants who feel that they have skills and experience necessary to work in your organisation will take the initiative and attempt to apply, even without an advert. Some employers generate a database for such CVs for future reference when a vacancy materialises.

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