Training in Kenya

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What is training or retraining?

Training or retraining may refer to employees upgrading their skills in relation to job requirements or when exploring a new career. Hence it is the act of enhancing people’s knowledge and skills.

Training can be on-the-job training or external (where one enrolls in an institution of learning).

Why should an employer facilitate training or retraining of workers?

A number of reasons can lead an employer to facilitate training of his/her workers and they include:

  • To keep up with new technologies.
  •  The need to upgrade skills to match job demands.
  • To upgrade workers’ positions.

Is it worth investing in the training of workers or should employees do it for themselves?

Yes. It’s worth to invest in your worker’s training especially when the reasons to train include  keeping up with new technologies, and upgrading workers’ positions.

As an employer can I pay for my workers training?

Yes. Some employers do pay for retraining programmes that are done by government and various agencies/organisations for their workers. Some organisations even have policies related to training of staff to upgrade skills to match job demands and new technologies.

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