Job Protection

This page was last updated on: 2021-03-18

No Harmful Work

There is no provision in the Employment Act which restricts an employer from giving arduous or harmful work to a pregnant worker. However, generally females are not allowed to work underground in mines except in certain cases as specified in the Act.

Source: § 30 of the Employment Act 2007

Protection from Dismissals

It is illegal for an employer to dismiss a female worker due to her pregnancy or any other reason connected with her pregnancy in all aspects of employment.

Source: § 46 of the Employment Act 2007

Right to Return to Same Position

A female worker has the right to return to same job/position (or some other similar and suitable position) after availing her maternity leave, on same terms and conditions which would have applied if she had not been on maternity leave.

Source: § 29(2) of the Employment Act 2007

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