Work Injury Benefits

This page was last updated on: 2021-03-18

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

Work injuries are divided into three categories: (i) permanent incapacity (ii) temporary incapacity and (iii) fatal injury leading to death of a worker.

In the case of permanent incapacity/disability, a lump sum of 96 months of the insured's monthly earnings is paid and a lump-sum of 60 months of the insured worker's earnings is paid for a permanent partial disability, up to 240,000 shillings.

In the case of temporary disability, an insured worker after certification from medical board and waiting period of three days may receive temporary disablement benefit of 50% of his average daily earning up to 540 Shillings (If the incapacity lasts for more than three days).

In the case of fatal injury, fully dependent survivors receive benefit equivalent to a lump-sum of 60 months of deceased worker's earnings. In absence of fully dependent survivors, reduced benefit is paid to partially dependent survivors. The amount of benefit ranges from 35,000 shillings to 240,000 shillings.

The Funeral grant is also provided. A lump sum of the cost of funeral is paid to the dependents or 20,000 shillings are paid by the employer if there are no dependents.

All the above mentioned benefits are periodically adjusted by the Minister of Labour.

Source: §10 & 28-37 of the Work Injury Benefits Act 2007; ISSA Country Profile 2017

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