Unemployment Benefits

This page was last updated on: 2021-03-18

Unemployment Benefits

No provision in law for unemployment insurance and benefits.

A National Employment Authority is established under an Act of 2016. The functions of the Authority include the following:

  1. advise on formulation of employment policies and strategies for national and county governments and facilitate implementation of such policies;
  2. develop methodologies for employment measurement, management and promotion;
  3. conduct periodic surveys on labour market skills requirements and advise training institutions and job seekers appropriately to ensure that training and skills match the job market requirements;
  4. monitor implementation of employment policies and programmes;
  5. register persons seeking employment and maintain an integrated and up-to-date database of all persons seeking employment;
  6. facilitate the employment and placement of job seekers in formal and informal or any other form of employment, locally and internationally;
  7. circulate in a timely manner job vacancies advertised to job seekers throughout Kenya through appropriate means;
  8. provide counseling to the unemployed and undertake activities to promote employment; and
  9. take necessary steps to encourage equal opportunity employment practices for the benefit of the unemployed

The Authority can also take the necessary steps to protect the unemployed against any form of abuse or exploitation.

Sources: National Employment Authority Act 2016; ISSA Country Profile 2017

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