Salary Check

Do you earn the correct salary in Kenya? How does it compare with our colleagues? Take our special Salary Check and make sure.

Maternity Leave

Are women workers in Kenya given maternity leave? Female workers are entitled to 91 days or three months of fully paid maternity leave upon the birth of a child, with prior notice of at least seven days. However, the woman is not expected to forego her annual leave for availing this benefit. Learn more about the maternity leave policy in Kenya


1 February 2020 - 80% of the 500 recruiting agencies captured by the National Employment Authority in Kenya have been put on hold as they have not renewed their licenses. Moreover, longer paid training is mandated for Kenyans looking for employment opportunities abroad. These new developments are hindering Kenyans looking for mainly unskilled jobs in the Middle East. Take the Survey on Living and Working during the Covid-19 pandemic

HIV/AIDS and Work

Did you know that employers are mandated to provide proper healthcare for their employees during serious illness? But they can only provide this service if employees inform them about their condition beforehand. Know more about HIV/AIDS and Work

Economic Facts about Kenya


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