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When are students permitted to work, in terms of their education levels?

The law is quiet concerning students and work. However, we can classify working students as either children or adults. Presuming that some students (in primary, secondary school and college) are below 18 years, then the law would define them as children (Employment Act, 2007, and the Children Act). Section 56 of the Employment Act allows employment of children from the ages of 13 to 16 years for light work and defines those of 16 to 18 as employable.
For further discussion we look at adult students, mainly in colleges and universities.

Do organisations have job placements for students who have completed different levels of colleges and universities?

Apart from internship programmes, job placements are open for all applicants and not specifically top graduates from colleges and universities. Placement of prospective job applicants in an organisation usually depends on the job requirements of the respective organisation.

What are the basic requirements for placement of graduates into employment?

Most organisations open job placements according to job requirements, and qualified applicants are invited to apply. They will be expected to submit a cover letter, CV and all supporting documents to the organisation requiring their services. Successful short-listed applicants will be invited for interviews.

Is there any arrangement where students at school can undertake industry attachment programmes?

Yes. Industrial attachment or internship programmes are usually undertaken by students as part of their academic requirements, especially in universities and polytechnics. This programme is well organised within the education sector, and is commonly known as teaching practise.

At the workplace the student is placed in an appropriate department and given normal duties, working under a supervisor in that department. At the end of the internship the student is expected to write a report which is supposed to be signed by the supervisor at the workplace and the institution of learning.

Are there institutions that facilitate graduate employment in Kenya?

Yes. There are institutions like the Public Service Commission and commercial private recruitment agencies, in addition to the media (corporate websites, for example.)

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