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More wage information means more knowledge about your salary and job. Take the Salary Survey and find out more about your wages in Sri Lanka.


3 February 2021 - The Sri Lankan government has backed out of a deal to build the strategic East Container Terminal at the Colombo port with India and Japan. This decision comes amid weeks-long protests against this deal by trade unions and opposition parties. Instead, the government has said that it would develop the port's West Container terminal with investment from India and Japan. Find out what different jobs pay in Sri Lanka

Sexual Harassment

What are Sri Lanka's laws against sexual harassment at the workplace? According to §345 of the Sri Lankan Penal Code, any unwelcome sexual advances by a person in power at the workplace is considered as sexual harassment. The perpetrator may face punishment either as imprisonment up to a term of five years, or as fine, or both. He/she may also have to pay an amount to the victim of harassment for injuries. Learn more Sri Lanka’s laws protecting employees from Sexual Harassment

Maternity Leave

What is the duration of Maternity Leave given to female workers in Sri Lanka? Irrespective of the number of prior children, female workers receive maternity leave of 12 weeks. Out of this leave, two weeks are given before the birth and ten weeks following the day of the delivery. This paid leave excludes all weekly holidays, Poya days and statutory holidays. Learn more about Maternity Leave in Sri Lanka


இலங்கையில் தொழிலாளர் சட்டம்

ශ්රී ලංකාව තුළ කම්කරු නීතිය

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that Sri Lanka is one of the leading exporters of cinnamon? Indeed, the small island nation supplies 85 per cent of the global market share for cinnamon. The Ceylon cinnamon is Sri Lanka's third-largest agricultural export product, supporting over 70,000 smallholder growers and providing employment to 350,000 people. Find out what each job pays in Sri Lanka 
  • Did you know Sri Lanka is a leading producer and exporter of tea? Ceylon, its former name, is synonymous with the word ‘tea.’ One million people of the country’s total population of about 22 million contributes to the tea industry. Compare your salary with others that work in a similar industry
  • Did you know that Sri Lanka’s total value of exports and imports in 2020 amounted to 52.9% of their total GDP? The average applied tariff rate in 2020 was found to be 8.7%. What is the cost of living in Sri Lanka?
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