நோய் விடுப்பு

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சம்பளம் செலுத்தப்பட்ட நோய் விடுமுறை

In accordance with the Shop and Office Act, every worker certified by a medical practitioner is entitled to a paid sick leave (sickness benefit) for a period of 07 days (in a 12 month period) for private business, ill-health or any other reasonable cause. These are generally known as casual leave. Casual leave is normally availed from one-half day to one or more days at a time. This does not include a case of prolonged ill health.

The Employment of Trainees (Private Sector) Act contains specific provision for medical leave due to ill health. A trainee is entitled to seven days of sick leave with full allowances payable to him, for a period, or aggregate of periods, if the application for leave is supported by a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner.

Source: §6(3 & 4) of the Shop and Office Employees Act; §6 of the Employment of Trainees (Private Sector) Act

மருத்துவ கவனம்

Medical benefits are available for all citizens free of charge. Members are eligible to avail medical benefits through Shramasuwa Rekawarana" Hospitalization Medical Scheme. Employee Trust Fund Act requires employer to remit 3% of earnings of each employee to the Fund monthly, before the last working day of the following month, for members to enjoy various benefits above benefits.

The hospitalization scheme allows members to get hospitalization expenses reimbursed. Members are eligible to claim costs of treatment subject to 25,000 rupees in a year (maximum amount during employment period: 50,000 rupees), subject to conditions applicable to the scheme (contributions must have been paid for at least 5 years).

Shrama Vasna Fund Act provides medical and other facilities, assists employees when inquiries are instituted, in the time of distress they will be provided with financial assistance, it also focuses on welfare of employees. In case the institutions they were working in, are closed down without prior notice then financial assistance must be provided.

Source: ISSA Country Profile; html; §6 of Shrama Vasna fund Act

நோயின்பொழுது வேலைப்பாதுகாப்பு

Employment of a worker is secure during the period of his/her sick leave of 07 days.

Source: §6(5) of the Shop and Office Employees Act

வேலை மற்றும் நோய் மீதான ஒழுங்குவிதிகள்

  • 1954 සාප්පු හා කාර්යාල සේවක (රැකියා හා පාරිශ්‍රමික රෙගුලාසි) පනත / கடைகள் மற்றும் அலுவலக பணியாளர்கள் சட்டம் 1954 (வேலைவாய்ப்பு மற்றும் ஊதியம் பற்றிய ஒழுங்குவிதிகள்) / Shop and Office Employees (Regulation of Employment and Remuneration) Act, 1954
  • 1934 සේවක වන්දි ආඥා පනත / 1934 ஆம் ஆண்டு பணியாளர்களின் நட்டஈட்டு கட்டளைச்சட்டம் / Workmen's Compensation Ordinance, 1934
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