Fitondrana Vohoka sy Asa

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Fialan-tsasatra amin'ny fitondrana vohoka

Female employees are entitled to 14 weeks (98 days) of maternity leave with full pay, including 8 weeks of pre natal leave. The maternity leave can be extended by three (3) additional weeks in case of sickness resulting from pregnancy or birth. Medical certificate indicating sickness must be provided to avail extended leave.

Source: §97 of the Labour Code 2003


Labour code provides fully paid maternity leave. Half of a worker's wage is paid by the employer while the other half is paid by National Social Insurance Fund (CNAPS). If a woman is not insured, the employer has to pay the total amount of the salary.

Source: § 97 of the Labour Code 2003, § 158 of the Social Insurance Code

Fitsaboana ara-pahasalamana maimaim-poana

Insured women workers are reimbursed for the cost of medical care during pregnancy and childbirth, up to 5,000 ariary

Fitsipika mikasina ny fitondrana vohoka sy ny asa

  • Lalàna laharana faha-2003-044 tamin'ny 28 jolay 2004 anaovana ny Fehezandalàna momba ny asa / Loi n° 2003-044 du 28 juillet 2004 portant Code du travail / Labour Code 2004
  • Didim-panjakana Laharana. 69-145 tamin'ny 8 aprily, mikasika ny Fehezandalàna amin'ny Fiantohana Sosialy / Décret No. 69-145 du 8 avril, sur le Code de l'assurance sociale / Decree No. 69-145 of 8 April, on the Social Insurance Code
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