Fiarovana manoloana ireo fandroahana

This page was last updated on: 2021-02-04

Tsy fisian'ny asa mitera-doza

A pregnant woman may not be employed on any work which is beyond her strength; which involves hazards and which is of such nature or is carried out in such circumstances as to injure her morals.

During pregnancy and 3 weeks following her return to work after confinement, a woman is not allowed to carry, push or drag any load.

Source: §93 of the Labour Code 2003; § 1 & 6 of Decree N°62-152 of 28 March 1962 on determining the working conditions for children, women and pregnant women workers

Fiarovana Manoloana Ireo Fandroahana

Labour Code prohibits dismissal of women workers during pregnancy and maternity leave. Dismissal during this period is considered unfair.

Source: § 95 of the Labour Code 2003

Zò miverina amin'ny asa niandraiketana teo aloha

No provision could be located in the law which gives a female worker the right to return to same job/position after availing her maternity leave however since the labour code prohibits dismissal of women workers during pregnancy and maternity leave, there is an implied right to return to same position.

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