Loza Vokatry ny Asa

This page was last updated on: 2021-02-04

Fiantohana tsy fahafahana miasa / Loza vokatry ny asa

Work injuries are divided into four categories: (i) permanent total incapacity (ii) permanent partial incapacity (iii) temporary incapacity and (iv) fatal injury leading to death of a worker.

In the case of permanent total incapacity/disability, amount of compensation is 100% of an insured worker's average earnings in the 12 months before disability.

In the case of permanent partial disability, amount of compensation depends on the assessed degree of disability. If the assessed disability is less than 10%, a lump sum pension is paid. Both the partial and total disability pensions may be partially converted to lump-sum after receiving the pension for 3 years. Moreover, these pensions are paid usually on quarterly basis.

In the case of temporary disability, the daily benefit is provided at the rate of 66.7% of workers' daily average earnings in the last month. This benefit is paid for the first 28 days of temporary disability. The benefits are paid until worker's full recovery or certification of permanent disability.

In the case of fatal injury, dependents (widow/widower/minor children/parents) receive survivors' pension. A widow/widower gets 30% of the monthly pension a deceased worker received or was entitled to receive. Pension for widow/widower ceases on remarriage. An orphan receives 15% of the pension. He/she ceases to receive pension on reaching the age of 15 years. There is also option for dependent parents' and grandparents' pension (10% of pension to each dependent parent or grandparent up to 30%)

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