19 January 2020 - According to the Botswana Minister of Tertiary Education, the country has decided to promote its economic growth through digital transformation. In 2020, Botswana adopted the digitization strategy known as SmartBots to improve individuals' quality of life, and provide more private sector business opportunities. The government believes improved technology will help key economic sectors of the country such as tourism, beef and mining, among others. Find out what different careers pay in Botswana 

Health and Safety in Botswana

What are the health and safety provisions given to an employee in Botswana? Mywage reports that Parts IV-VII of the Factories Act mention detailed requirements on maintaining safe and healthy workplaces. It forbids workers from intentionally endangering themselves or others. Furthermore, according to the Employment Act, every employer must provide medical aid for their employees and members of their families living with them. Learn more about Botswana’s laws to protect the health and safety of workers

Annual Leave

How many days of annual leave is an employee given in Botswana? An employer must provide every employee with basic pay leave at the rate of 1.25 days per month, which adds up to 15 working days of paid leave annually. This leave excludes any public holiday, weekly rest period, or any period during which the employee is absent from work due to illness. Learn more about annual leave in Botswana

Economic Facts

  • Botswana's currency, the 'pula', means water in Setswana, its national language. The currency is named after the country's most prized commodity. Find out more about Careers and Pay in Botswana.