Finding a Job

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Whether you are looking for your dream job, or just starting out in the working world, or wanting to change jobs for extra experience, we have tips on how to go about searching for work.

Research, research research!

If there is a particular field of work you are interested in – be it working at a call centre, being a store manager, taking an engineering post or teaching at a school, do your homework. Find out what is out there, what salaries are being offered, and if possible, the working conditions that are expected (for example: Will you have to work overtime? Will you have to travel?)

Looking online

Searching for jobs online is one of the quickest and most convenient way to job search. But keep in mind, not all jobs are offered online, so don’t restrict your search to the internet.

  • Go to job sites and see what is required – often you need to submit your CV
  • Go to websites that are associated with the work you want – often jobs are advertised on company websites
  • Go to online agencies and see what is required – they may a CV, or for you to come in for an interview
  • Network – use your social contacts online (via Facebook, LinkedIn etc) to let people know you are job searching, and what your interests and qualifications are.

Looking offline

  • Read the classified and employment sections in your local newspaper – they always have job offers
  • If there is sector you are keen to work in – for example, engineering – then find trade magazines from this sector and see what is available
  • Network – use your contacts with friends and family to find out what jobs are going, and to let people know you are available

Employment agencies

Find out what employment agencies are in your city/town, contact them, and find out what they can offer. Usually, they will require you to submit a CV, and you may have to come in for an interview, so that they can then find a job that is suitable for you.

What do I do while waiting for a job?

  • Keep your CV updated and ready to go
  • Brush up on any skills you think may be useful in the workplace. For example, you could do a free online computer course
  • Volunteer – this always looks good on your CV, and you gain valuable experience

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