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What is a cover letter?

It’s a letter that accompanies your CV/resume that you send when applying for a job. It’s essentially a summary of your best points, including why you are suitable for the job and some of your career/work high points. It’s important to make your cover letter stand out with interesting information, as this may make the difference between being invited for an interview or not.

Is it the same as my CV/resume?

No. It is much shorter, and should be designed to get the attention of your potential employer with short, sharp and to the point information.

Are there different kinds of cover letters?

Yes. There are essentially three kinds:

  • An application letter – which is written in response to a job advertisement.
  • A prospecting letter – which asks about possible openings at a company.
  • A networking letter – which asks for information and possibly assistance in your job search.

What information should I have in my cover letter?

You need to have:

  • Your contact details
  • Your potential employer’s contact information (make sure you have their correct name and title)
  • A greeting (for example: Dear Mr Selassie)
  • The body of the cover letter, which lets the employer know what position you are applying for, what qualifications you have and what relevant experience you have
  • A conclusion, which generally thanks the potential employer for considering you for the position
  • A complimentary close 
  • Your signature

Can I send the same cover letter to any/all jobs I apply for?

No, this is not advised. You should write a specific letter for a specific job or opening, one which relates specifically to that job.

What should I avoid with my cover letter?

  • A casual, familiar style
  • Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes
  • Lengthy text – keep it short and simple
  • Attaching a photograph
  • Exaggerating your achievements
  • Mentioning a salary

Try not to only focus on your abilities – think in terms of what would be good for the company you are applying to.

What should I keep in mind?

Try to use:

  • A formal tone
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Concise, but interesting text
  • One page – no more than this

Demonstrate that you have researched the company and know what they are looking for. Proofread your letter for any mistakes.

Example of a cover letter

Melaku Dingam
P.O. Box 1022, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
email: mdingam@gmail.com
12 May 2013


Mr Nesredin Shafi
Hiring Manager
Ethio Supermarket
Bole Road Urael
Addis Ababa


Dear Mr Shafi
I read your job posting for the Store Manager position. I can offer your company, as per your requirements:

  • Over three years of retail management experience
  • The ability to effectively hire, train, and manage staff
  • Payroll management, scheduling and inventory

In addition to my retail experience, I have very good communication skills. I enjoy maintaining a friendly and professional manner when relating to people, including customers and store staff. My broad experience and range of skills make me a highly qualified candidate for this position.

My resume, which is attached, provides additional information on my background and training. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to arrange time for an interview.

Thank you for your consideration.

Melaku Dingam (signature)

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