Work Injury Benefits

This page was last updated on: 2021-03-19

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

Work injuries are divided into four categories: (i) permanent total incapacity (ii) permanent partial incapacity (iii) temporary incapacity and (iv) fatal injury leading to death of a worker.

In the case of permanent incapacity/disability, 47% of an insured worker's monthly salary is paid if the insured has at least a 10% loss of work capacity and is unable to work.. If the disability pension is less than or equal to the old age pension, then the old age pensions up to 70% of the insured monthly basic salary is paid to the worker. A lump sum of 47% of the insured's basic salary before the disability began multiplied by 60 months and by the assessed degree of disability is paid in case of permanent partial disability provided that the insured worker has at least a 10% loss of work capacity but is able to work. 

In the case of temporary disability, for private-sector workers, 100% of the employee's average earnings is paid for first three months; 75% for the following three months; and at least 50% for the remaining six months. The benefit is paid for 12 months or until full recovery or certification of permanent disability. For civil servants, 100% of the employee's average earnings is paid until the employee recovers and resumes work or is medically certified as permanently disabled.

In the case of fatal injury, dependents (widow/widower, children under the age of 18 years and any parent being supported by the deceased worker) receive survivors' pension. 50% of the pension a deceased worker would have received, if assessed with permanent total disability, is paid to the widow(er). 20% of a deceased worker's pension is paid to each eligible orphan and 30% for each full orphan. 15% of the pension is paid to the each of the deceased worker's parent supported by him; 20% if there are no other eligible survivors.

The maximum combined survivor benefit is 100% of the disability pension the deceased received or was entitled to receive.

Source: §95-112 of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019; §27-38 of the Private Organization Employees Pension Proclamation No. 715/2011; ISSA Country Profile 2019