19 January 2021 - The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned that about one quarter of Lesotho’s population will require food aid due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. FAO warned that reduced household incomes were harming people’s ability to purchase agricultural products or hire labour, limiting the potential increase in agricultural output. Complete the survey on the living and working conditions in Lesotho during the coronavirus pandemic


Sick Leave and Rights

What happens to a worker who falls sick in Lesotho? Will he/she lose their job or be forced to work while being sick? Mywage reports that a worker is entitled to 12 days of paid sick leave and up to 24 days of sick leave at half-pay. However, there is no paid sick leave if the work duration of the employee spans less than six months. Know more about sick leave in Lesotho 

Economic Facts

  • Water, or ‘White gold’ as referred to by the citizens of Lesotho, is the country’s major natural resource. The construction of hydropower facilities permits the sale of water to South Africa, generating high revenues for the country. Complete the cost of living survey in Lesotho