Working in a Call Centre

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By Sam Banda Jnr 


Malawi has several Call Centres which offer jobs as Call Operators.

The job

In most of these centres the qualifications mainly centre on those who have Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and those with good communication skills.


The Call Operator mainly handles calls from customers. This requires one to have a level head, a good knowledge of the product or service one is dealing with, and good skills for dealing with people.


Esther Macheke works as a Call and Internet Operator in the commercial city of Blantyre and she says she joined her company after finishing her MSCE.


“It all depends, some Call Centres employ those with MSCE and offer them on-the-job training, but others require that you have certificates in marketing or sales and other related fields,” she says.


“I started with K8,000 a month but now I have climbed to K10,000,” says Macheke.


She however, says the salaries vary with institutions and that others even get more than K15,000 a month. In Malawi, for example, there are companies such as Zain Malawi, TNM and MTL which offer better salaries.


There are also government institutions which have Call Operators; they do not receive more than K15,000 but they have better benefits.