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By Sam Banda Jnr

The world is changing each day, and one area where huge growth has taken place is in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Africa is in need of many qualified people in the ICT, or IT, sector.


In Malawi working as an IT expert is interesting and is a well paying job. However, it traditionally has been dominated by men, although this is changing. 


As an IT expert you can either work in government or in the private sector, with differing salaries.  


IT Consultant Nesamu Makunje said the salaries in their career vary; for example, mobile firms such as Zain Malawi and TNM are listed among those companies which pay higher salaries.


Makunje said the salaries also vary with qualifications, saying those with a masters or bachelors degree in computer science can end up being IT Managers.


“In the private sector they can receive more than K300,000 a month, with those with diplomas receiving K100,000 a month and those with certificates around K70,000,” he said.


In government institutions he said the salaries were lower with some receiving less than K50,000 a month, but they have more benefits including being sent for further studies.


He says the working hours vary – some work shifts but mostly it’s from 7:30am to 5pm.


Some of the colleges which offer IT training in Malawi include University of Malawi-Chancellor College where you are required to have a Malawi School Certificate of Education(MSCE) with six credits including English and science subjects. Graduates receive degrees in computer science.


Then there is National College of Information Technology where graduates receive diplomas.


Makunje said staff was always in demand in the IT sector, adding that the work environment in many companies was good.


“I am able to feed my family and in most private sector companies the salaries are good,” he said.


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