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By Sam Banda Jnr


Opportunities in Malawi


In the past, many doctors unfortunately left Malawi in search of better salaries and opportunities abroad. But that is slowly changing, according to a professor at University of Malawi’s College of Medicine. Once one has completed a medical degree, there are interesting career options. But one has to graduate first!


Hard Work


A pathologist at the College of Medicine says medicine is a lengthy course which needs hard work and advises those in secondary school that they need to do well in science subjects.


“If you want to become a medical doctor you need to work hard and be ready to endure the lengthy course,” he says.


Career Paths


Doctors can specialise in various fields: for example, some are surgeons while others are pathologists. To be recognised in the field, one needs to be licensed.  


After graduating from medical school there are many opportunities for doctors. Some doctors lecture in medical colleges, some have jobs as District Health Officers (DHO), and others are doctors in private and government hospitals. Some doctors also pick up jobs as directors in NGOs. And some have ended up being Directors of Health, Principal Secretaries in the Ministries of Health and even Ministers of Health.




In government hospitals doctors are given houses and other allowances, above their salaries, and they have a chance to get scholarships to further their studies.


While some doctors, especially newcomers, receive a salary of less than K100,000, those who are experienced receive more than K200,000 with others earning as much as K500,000.


“It depends where you are working. The government has for the past few years been paying less but now there is an improvement.  But in private hospitals and NGOs it is even better,” says the professor.


Many District Health Officers in Malawi also have the privilege of a car. As for Directors of Health and ministerial positions, the salaries are often more than K500,000. 


Career data


For one to become a licensed medical doctor you need to undergo studies to obtain a degree in medicine. You can also further your studies to get a Masters degree and then a PhD.


The journey in Malawi starts with secondary education where you need to do get a strong Malawi School Certificate of Education to gain entry to the University of Malawi – College of Medicine. You need to have six credits including English and you also need to have strong credits or distinctions in science subjects like Biology, Physical Science and Mathematics.


In the past it was difficult to study to become a medical doctor as there were no schools, but since the opening of the College of Medicine in Malawi, many doctors are graduating from the college, including students from other countries.


You can move from secondary school straight into the College of Medicine if your grades are good enough and you are selected. However, some students first start with other degrees, such as a Bachelor of Science, before moving across to medicine.




There are a few women occupying top medical posts in Malawi. One of them is Dr Mary Mkandawire, who holds a post at the Office of the President and Cabinet. There are also young women who hold positions as District Health Officers. However, records from the Ministry of Health show that there are more male then female doctors.




University of Malawi – College of Medicine