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By Sam Banda Jnr


Secretaries play a very vital role in the business and commercial world.

In Malawi 90 percent of Secretaries are young women who work as General Secretaries to their companies or as Secretaries to a top officer.

The job 

Some of the duties that Secretaries work on include recording minutes for various meetings, handling office diaries, assisting clients and visitors, filing various documents, maintaining mail register, and handling office administrative work and assignments.


According to Mary Matabwa, who is Secretary to the General Manager at a business in Blantyre, this is an exciting job.


“The salary depends on the institutions you are working with. For instance, at Blantyre Water Board Secretaries receive more than K100,000 per month plus the benefit of being sent to school for further studies,” she says.


Mary said she herself was receiving around K40,000 to K50,000 per month excluding a house allowance.


She reckoned she earned on the higher side, with some Secretaries in government institutions receiving less than K30,000, but was quick to say that they have many benefits.


“In government they receive a small salary but they have more benefits, such as they travel frequently and get allowances and they also have the chance to further their studies which is difficult in the private sector,” says Matabwa.


She says as a Secretary there are many prospects for promotion, especially when you have started as a General Secretary, as you can rise up to become Secretary to the top boss and get an increment. Others rise to become Personal Assistants to top bosses.


She says she started as a General Secretary and rose to Secretary to the General Manager.


Most Secretaries in Malawi work from 7:30pm to 5pm and are required to have a good Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), knowledge of computers, and be conversant with shorthand.


There are several colleges which offer secretarial studies in Malawi with technical colleges on top. Technical colleges require that a student have an MSCE. The University of Malawi Polytechnic also offers secretarial studies where you graduate with a diploma.


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