A Career in the Hospitality Industry in Malawi

Read article on “A Career in Hospitality Management Industries” at mywage.org. Tourism offers many career opportunities for young women. Find out how Lavia Kwataine is pursuing a diploma in the Hospitality Industry.

By Madalitso Kateta


When you go into a hotel lobby in Malawi the first thing you experience is a warm welcome from the cheerful women working at the front office.

But while a smile is an important part of the job, there is much more to learn about the hospitality industry. It’s often necessary to undergo training to understand the dynamics of this sector.

22-year-old Lavia Kwataine is a student in the commercial city of Blantyre who is pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, and her aim is to help uplift the tourism sector in Malawi.

She says that being a Front Operations Officer at any hotel requires both charm and brains.

“One needs to understand issues to do with the hospitality industry in order to pursue this career. You will be dealing with people from different backgrounds, including tourists that know little about your country,” she says.;

Kwataine says she wants to establish her own business after completion of her diploma course. She said once settled in her own business venture she wants to portray the real feel of the Malawian hospitality industry to tourists.

Kwataine said for her to go into tourism she was required to have good grades in History, English, Home Economics and other science subjects in her Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE). After finishing her studies, Kwataine is expected to obtain a Diploma in Hotel and Catering.

To study tourism one needs to have a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE). Institutions currently offering the course are the Blantyre Business College, the Skyway Business College plus many other private institutions. The government-owned Malawi Institute of Tourism also offers various courses in the tourism and hospitality sector. The Mzuzu University has also recently introduced degree courses in tourism and hospitality management.