Become a Graphic Designer

Do you want to play around with graphics in your life, then a career in Graphic designing will be appropriate for you. Take time to learn more about a career in Graphic designing.

By Sam Banda Jnr


Graphic Design is a career which offers many opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, and many young women are expressing interest in this work.

There are private colleges which offer Graphic Design training, including New Horizon based in Blantyre, and the University of Malawi-Polytechnic.

There are several institutions where you can work as a Graphic Designer. In Malawi many designers get employed by newspaper companies where their day-to-day work involves designing pages for newspapers.

One young woman who has explored designing is Emma Thangwi, who is currently working with Blantyre Newspapers Limited.

She says designing is an interesting career where you use your creativity to come up with excellent pages, adding that as a designer she can also design wedding cards, brochures and similar products.

Thom Mvula, who is a top designer, says designers have a chance at earning more money depending on the way they work.

"There is stiff competition. In most cases, you can change jobs frequently because you are in demand and your salary may keep on changing," he says.

Designers need to master such products as Adobe Photoshop, Page Maker and Indesign which will help produce the best work.

Mvula says in government institutions, designers can earn between K15,000 to K30,000 and that in private institutions designers can earn between K50,000 to K70,000.

He further says that in other well-established institutions, designers can earn a monthly salary of K100,000.

Mvula also says that most designers work odd hours, especially those working in newspaper companies where they have a chance to get overtime allowances.

"We work during odd hours and sometimes on holidays and we get between K1,000 to K2,000  a day."

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