Get ahead with proper Workplace Etiquette

Good qualifications will help you get a job –and Good Workplace Etiquette will help you keep it! Read more on Mywage Malawi.

By Sam Banda Jnr 


Good qualifications will help you get a job – but there’s more than having a top CV to keep your career on track. The way you behave in the workplace has a very important effect on your success. 

Young women and men who are getting employed need to have the correct workplace etiquette – which is a form of professional conduct and social behaviour. Etiquette is an integral part of any office environment. Basically, office etiquette or office manners are about conducting yourself responsibly, with respect to your colleagues and your bosses. 

There are several tips to correct conduct in the workplace but here are a few of them: 

  • Wear appropriate office attire - for example, correct footwear. In most institutions in Southern Africa, from Monday to Friday men are required to wear a necktie, shirt and neat trousers and women are required to dress smartly. But on Fridays some institutions, especially in the private sector, allow employees to wear smart-casual clothing.
  • Show respect to everyone - for example, knock before entering somebody’s office at all times.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and apologise when you go wrong. Learn to ask for assistance.
  • Never sleep during working hours, do not knock off before quitting time, and report for duties on time. In most institutions in Southern Africa employees start work at 7.30am and knock off at 5.30pm.
  • Practice good manners – for example, never shout at the top of your voice when answering your cell phone. Never have extended personal telephone chats during working hours. 

Etiquette plays an important role in strengthening relationship between employees and their bosses.