12 November 2020 – The National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor), a state-owned firm, has had severe clashes between the managers and board of directors due to a corruption scandal. Last year, Fishcor was involved in laundering more than N$75 million (48,92,367 USD). According to Fishcor’s senior managers, this corruption could negatively impact employees as approximately 300 workers might be unpaid this month, with reports claiming that the company is going bankrupt. Take the survey on living and working in Namibia during coronavirus

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Annual Leave and Holidays

How is paid annual leave calculated? WageIndicator reports that in Namibia, the number of days worked in a work-week determines the span of paid annual leave. Suppose an employee works in a six-day work-week; they then qualify for 24 days of annual leave.

Economic Facts

  • Namibia has less than 1% of land suitable for growing crops. However, around 47% of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood, with about 50,000 labourers in the commercial agriculture sector. What is the cost of living in Namibia?