Employment Security

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Written Employment Particulars

Under the Labour Act, 2007, a basic condition of employment constitutes a term of any contract of employment except where the law provides a more favorable term for the employee, where a term of employment or collective agreement is more favorable to the employee, or where the basic condition of employment has been altered by the Minister of labour. Remuneration, working hours, annual leave along with other kinds of leave, accommodation and employment termination are considered as basic conditions of employment.

Upon termination of employment, an employer must give an employee a certificate of service stating the employee’s name, the name and address of the employer, a description of the industry the employer is engaged in, the date of commencement and termination of employment, the employee’s job description, the remuneration at date of termination, and upon request of the employee, the reason for termination of employment.

Under Regulations relating to Domestic Workers issued under the labour Act, 2007, an employer upon hiring a domestic worker should enter into a written contract with the domestic worker. The details to be provided in the written contract between an employer and a domestic worker are to consist of names, contract details, place of work, job description, ordinary work days and hours, meal intervals, monetary remuneration and basic wages, overtime, ordinary work on Sunday or public holiday, transport allowance, social security, sick leave, compassionate leave, maternity leave, vacation leave, provision of food, accommodation, benefits, health and safety obligations, freedom of association, code of conduct, changes to the contract, and commencement date.

An employer must provide a copy of the written contract but before the contract is signed the employer must explain to the domestic worker the terms of the contract in a language which the domestic worker understands.

Source: §9 & 37 of the Labour Act, 2007 and Regulation 12 of the Regulations relating to Domestic Workers

Fixed Term Contracts

No provision concerning fixed term contracts could be located in the Labour Act.  

Probation Period

No provision concerning probation periods could be located in the Labour Act.