1 February 2021 - Sierra Leone has an electrification rate of 23%. To support the country’s electricity sector , the World Bank announced a disbursement of $50 million. It aims at improving living conditions and providing access to cleaner and more sustainable energy. The Electrification project will enable Sierra Leone to save on the funds spent on diesel to operate generators. It will also help prevent the emission of 15,135 tons of greenhouse gases per year. Take our Cost of living survey and help us understand Sierra Leone better

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Economic Facts

  • Only 2% of the population in Sierra Leone has access to clean, readily available drinking water, and most households lack basic sanitation. A 1.5 litre water bottle costs Le 10,000 in Sierra Leone. Basic facilities like electricity, water, etc cost approximately Le 10,00,000 monthly. Take our Cost of Living survey 
  • Did you know that Sierra Leone is heavily dependent on foreign aid in spite of positive economic growth? External sources finance around half of Sierra Leone’s public investment programs. Take the Cost of Living Survey in Sierra Leone