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4 February 2021 - According to the South Sudan Electricity Corporation, over 90% of the population lacks access to the national grid, leading to a majority of businesses being dependent on diesel-powered generators that significantly limit their output. The country is now focusing to transform its electricity market through increased access to the grid nationwide and increased power projects. Complete the cost of living survey in South Sudan

Economic Facts

  • South Sudan is endowed with vast natural resources including fertile agricultural land and livestock. However, the economy of the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, is highly dependent on oil for economic sustainability. Take the Cost of Living survey in South Sudan
  • The South Sudan population growth has followed an exponential pattern of around 3% for the past years. The growth trajectory was interrupted by war and the resulting displacement of people. This has been estimated to return to the normal pace in the years 2020-2050 as people begin to return to the country. Find out more about cost of living in South Sudan
  • Free medical care is a constitutional right for pregnant and lactating women of South Sudan. In fact, the South Sudanese Constitution requires that the state shall provide maternity  and child care too. Check out more Maternity Benefits in South Sudan.