The Trade Union exists in Southern Sudan since the 70ths, during the Nimari regime of 1969-1986. It was still functioning in the time of Sadig El Mahdi. The Union was then based and concentrated only within the three greater regions:

1. Greater Equatoria 
2. Greater Upper Nile 
3. Greater Bahr El Ghazal
During the creation of the ten [10] States of Southern Sudan the Union was also working within the ten States, but it was a state union under the SWTUF.
After the new statehood of South Sudan the Union was formed and organised to what is called SSWTUF (South Sudan Workers Trade Union Federation) instead of SWTUF.
SSWTUF was formed after a fair election. The conference was attended by large numbers of the central committee. The members of the committee came from various states as representatives. They came from all levels, from grass root level, to county, state and national level, to form the council of the board of, which is today, the legitimate body of SSWTUF.
The mandate of the organization was on 10 August 2010 during the conference took place 
Structure of Executives

1. President                     
2. Secretary General         
3. Finance  Secretary         
4. 1st D\ President 
5. 2nd D\President6
6. D\ General Secretary 
7. D\ Finance 

The board includes  ten [ 10] secretariats with their duties.
The total executive body consist of about 27 members.