Maternity Leave

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  • Provision is made for maternity leave totaling 12 weeks (six weeks before and six weeks after confinement) after a pregnant employee presents their employer with a certificate signed by a medical doctor, nurse or a midwife. 
  • An additional two weeks maternity leave may be granted only if there are medical reasons. 
  • During maternity leave, a maternity allowance of not less than 25 per cent of the employee's basic pay or 50 thebe for each day of absence is payable.
  • Employees are entitled to two paid nursing breaks of 30-minutes a day for six months after they have returned to work. This applies whether the woman is breast feeding or otherwise feeding the child by herself.
  • Notice of dismissal may not be given during maternity leave or during any extension for a maximum of six weeks, nor at such a time that the notice would expire during maternity leave.